Summer Bagel Recipes

Look around the corner, the season you’ve been training for is almost here. Memorial Day, as we know is the usual kicker to Summer. Don’t forget to thank those loved ones, friends, and colleagues all for their service. Summer is loved for an endless amount of reasons. Warmer Weather, beach/lake days, more family time, swimming, new wardrobe additions, etc. We could go on, do you have a pen and paper?

We would like you to think of Summer as just a new installment during your diet. So, with that said we wanted to give you some new meal idea ammo for your Summer. Cohosted by Mrskray on Instagram, all these wonder Bagel productions are creatively curated from her! Please follow her for even more goodies!


Western Bagel Low Carb Burger on a plate with veggies


Western bagel  roasted onion bagel (3)

Beef burger (6)

lettuce and spicy brown mustard (0)

8 air "fried" mushrooms* (2)

creamy roasted garlic dressing for dipping (1)

snap peas and tomatoes (0)

Air fried mushrooms- make 4, 2sp servings (about 8 mushrooms/serving)

  1. In 3 separate bows: 1 bowl has 1 tbsp flour. 2nd has 1/8cup liquid egg whites. The 3rd has 1/3 cup corn flake crumbs (or panko) + 3g grated parmesan (about 1 tbsp) + salt/pepper/garlic powder (to taste).
  2. Dip button mushrooms (8oz container) in flour, then egg, then crumb coating.
  3. spray them all lightly with olive oil and place them in the airfryer basket.
  4. cook at 400 for 8-10min, shaking often


Western Bagel with Pecan Butter and Blueberries

  1. alternative blueberry bagel (3)
  2. homemade pecan butter (5)
  3. Blueberries & strawberries (0)


Western Bagel Breakfast Spread with avocado, berries, and eggs


  1. Alternative Wheat Bagelette 
  2. one half topped with avocado (3)
  3. Everything Bagel Seasoning (0)
  4. the other half with homemade Cashew butter (2)
  5. Egg (2)
  6. More berries (0)