Rachel has been a support of our products for awhile! She has a great eye for photography and even better insight on how to make delicious food and still eat healthy. She also enjoys cookies, beer, the mountains and 90's country. Let us know what your favorite recipe is in the comments! You can follow her here! 

@rachels.healthy.home_ww (All Photos are Rachel's)

Pita Meal

Starving and wanted something super fast as soon as I got home- greek style pita pizza! A @westernbagel pita bread (3) topped with hummus (4), 1 tbsp feta (1), red pepper, cucumber, pepperoncini, green onion, and za'atar. I usually like to add chicken when I eat these for dinner but I didn't have any prepped so I had a little more hummus than normal. So good!  8sp

Perfect 10 Sandwich


Big breakfast bagel to start the day! A toasted everything perfect 10 @westernbagel (3) with an egg (2), turkey sausage (1), cheese (1), and tomato (0). 7sp and so much more filling than a drive thru breakfast sandwich

Pita Pizza


Pizza pizza! Because what else would I eat on a Friday night?! A @westernbagel pita bread (3) with pizza sauce (1), Tj's Lite Mozzarella (1), and Tj's pepperoni (2). 7sp!

 Gyro and Fries

Dinner was the bomb! Greek chicken gyro and fries - a huge meal for only 9sp!  4oz chicken breast sliced thin (2) and mixed with 1 tsp EVOO (1), s/p, garlic powder, and a Mediterranean spice blend. Cooked in a skillet until golden and cooked through- super fast since it's thin! Filled a warmed westernbagel pita bread (3) with spinach, the chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, and 2 tbsp Tj's tzatziki (1).  On the side I had 1/2 serving of Tj's handsome cut fries (2) cooked in the airfryer with southwest seasoning. Tony says the air fryer is worth it just to make fries this good at home! 9sp - so good!

 Avo and Bagel

This morning I had a toasted roasted onion bagelette (1) with egg (2), 1/4 c crumbled turkey sausage (1), and avocado (2). 6sp.

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