1. Our Bagels Don’t Taste good

    • There is an ongoing myth that low carb or high protein bagels can’t taste good. That is the opposite of ours! Both of our Perfect 10 and Alternative bagels have great flavor ranging from savory to sweet. With our Perfect 10 Everything bagel being our savory champion and our Alternative Cinnamon Spice bagel satisfying your sweet tooth. If the taste is an issue you will always like our selection! Not to mention there are delicious topping you can add on to these to amplify the flavor.

 Western Bagel with Banana and a Nutella Spread

  1. Our Bagels aren’t bagels

    • The thought of accusing our bagels to not be bagels is a little insulting, but hey, we get it. People are trained to think “it’s too good to be true”. Just like our other bagels we make these the right way. Any baker would tip their hats to our baking process. In regards to taste for the nutritional value, the trade-off is so beneficial to your health. In return, you get a real bagel that’s chewy and delicious.


  1. Our Bagels aren’t good for you.

    • Probably the biggest myth in this article. Let us debunk this for you! In comparison to an average breakfast, it is obvious that our bagels are better choice health wise. Our bagels cut the carbs literally in half, giving you more space to feed yourself more nutrients. Take our Perfect 10 Everything for example. Our best selling bagel has 19g of protein and 10g of carbs. This also includes 10 dietary fiber! If you count calories you won’t have to count a lot with these as it only has 160 per bagel. If you are more into pure ingredients here are a few components of a Perfect 10 everything bagel: Flax seeds, wheat bran, sesame seeds, oat flakes, and millet seeds.

 Western Bagel Perfect 10 +_Everything Sandwich

  1. Our bagels are too expensive

  2. Our bagels won’t be fresh when they get there.

    • Since we are shipping food, there can be many obstacles that a package can meet while in transit. First of all, if there is any chance that a customer receives a package and it is not up to their standard we will always work with them to get them bagels that are. It’s our satisfaction guarantee. 999 times out of 1000 they show up just fine. Each and every week at least 250 people receive their bagels each week and receive them in a way they are happy with.