Dieting Is Awful!

When I decided to start my weight loss journey I tried all sorts of diets and exercise plans. I tried: intermittent fasting, juicing, fasted cardio, etc. You name it and I probably have tried it. None of them ever seemed right. I would start one then a few months maybe sometimes even weeks into trying this new diet I would quit. Something would happen that would knock me off track and boom, no more motivation to keep up with whatever plan I was on at the time.

My problem at the time was that I would jump on the next big craze after failing. So, after numerous attempts at trying this whole dieting thing, I decided to take my time and analyze some of the things that worked for me from all the diets. I spent countless hours watching YouTube videos, doing research online, and reading other people’s post on social media. After going through all this information, I found what worked best for me and was ready to give “dieting” another shot.

Here are 5 Tips to Succeed at Dieting 

1. Count Macros / Calorie Intake

This is something I recommend everyone do at least once. It does not have to be forever, just long enough until you familiarize yourself with portion sizes. It also helps with accountability.

There is also a lot of different ways and apps you can choose from

I personally use My Fitness Pal, more on how to use My Fitness Pal later

Western Bagel Macro Breakdown chart

2. Spread out well-balanced meals and snacks

Not only do I spread out my meals, but I also try to fit some protein source into every meal. This helps me meet my protein/macro goal.

Western Bagel Macros Breakfast with eggs and fruit



3. Drink water throughout the day (1 gallon a day is the goal!)

I carry a reusable water container everywhere I go. Not only does this keep my water cold, but it means I have water with me at all times and am more likely to drink a gallon a day. A reusable water bottle is also good for the environment!

Western Bagel suggest to use a reusable water bottle

4. Avoid UnnecessaryFoods

When grocery shopping, stay away from the foods that can easily be binged onFor me this means no chips, cookies, or sugary drinks. I tend to stay away from these foods at the grocery store as I know If I buy the pack I might be tempted to finish it. Occasionally, I will eat some snacks and/or soda such as when I go to the movies.

5. If you mess up, it does not mean it is over!

It is okay to have a cheat meal, it is okay to go out and have dinner and a drink with family/friends, straying away from your daily routine and going over your calories is fine. This concept took me a while, but once I was accepting of it, it made it that much easier to get back on track and not revert to my old lifestyle.

If you would like to see more about what I eat in a day to stay on track, keep an eye out for my next post.

“A Full Day of Eating: Counting Macros using My Fitness Pal”