Bagel Brad Visits Northridge

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

Bagel Brad takes on the Valley!

Blue Bagels! Go Dodgers

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

What's the new color of October? Blue!

Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes + Top 4 pumpkin Meal ideas!

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

Pumpkin Bagels that are low in Trans Fat, Carb and Sugar are almost nonexistent! Come on now, it’s 2017 what hasn’t been done?

Alexis's Bagel Diet Journey [Don't Stop Eating them!]

Posted on in Blog by Alexis

My name is Alexis, and I'm a recovering Carb-o-holic. Seriously, I was addicted!

Three years ago my life looked far different than it does today.

Top Healthy Bagel toppings of 2017

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

We made you all a list of the most popular toppings that you can add to yours Bagels!

3 Summer Bagel Recipes low in Points!

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

Look around the corner, the season you’ve been training for is almost here. Memorial day, as we know is the usual kicker to Summer. Don’t forget to thank those love ones, friends, and colleagues all for their service. Summer is loved for an endless amount of reasons. Warmer Weather, beach/lake days, more family time, swimming, new wardrobe additions etc. We could go on, do you have a pen and paper?


The Ultimate Vegan Bagel w/ Carrot Lox and Chive Cream Cheese

Posted on in Blog by Jasmine

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine Briones, one of the creators of the Sweet Simple Vegan blog. Today I’m going to share with you the absolute PERFECT vegan bagel and I promise you are going to LOVE it! 

Bagel Brad Races his Way Through Agoura [Video]

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

Everyone's favorite bagel cowboy pioneered his ways through Agoura Hills a few weekends ago, have a look at his adventure!

Bagel Brad at the Sherman Oaks Street Fair [Photo Story]

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

Last fall, we were invited to the Sherman Oaks Street Fair, where your good buddy Bagel Brad made his debut appearance! If you want to meet him in Person he will be running the Great Race of Agoura HillsThe race is on Saturday, April 1st, Bagel Brad might even be running!  

Eater Los Angeles Stopped By

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

"It may not seem so to outsiders, but in-the-know Angelenos have for decades harbored a delicious secret: this is a bagel city. Though Los Angeles carries none of the bagel prowess of New York City or the stigma of Montreal, there is no shortage of bagels here on the sunnier side. And to prove the point, all one needs to do is look to Western Bagel."

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