Happy St. Patrick's Day [Green Bagels]

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

At Western Bagel, we like to think of ourselves as festive! With one of the most unique holidays coming up, St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to remind everyone how fun being a Bagel company can be!

5 Healthy Meal Ideas with Rachel

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

One of our favorite Western Bagel Ambassadors has been giving us some of the most amazing photos but even better healthy recipes you can enjoy using Western Bagel Products!

Our good friends over in Boulder Colorado teamed up with us this Fall season to give you something fun and new this Thanksgiving! Move over apple pie and pumpkin treats because our healthy low carb treat curated with love by way of us and Justin’s is your next staple point in your Holiday feasts!

4 Bagel Recipe Ideas with Christina

Posted on in Blog by Christina

Hey everyone! I’m Christina, @christina_ww_thing1 over on Instagram. My friends at Western Bagel asked me to share 5 of my favorite bagel recipes with you! If there is anything I have learned after losing over 120lbs with Weight Watchers,

Weight Watchers started to work when....

Posted on in Blog by Cristi

Hi There! My name is Cristi, I've been an avid follow of Weight Watchers, you can follow me on my Instagram.
This piece is about when I started to find success with the Weight Watchers program.

Michele: my success tips for Smart Points

Posted on in Blog by Michele

Hi everyone! My name is Michele (@mp.healthyrecovery from Instagram) and I have lost 60 pounds with the help of weight watchers and exercise. I am in recovery from an eating disorder which makes this a very hard journey but so worth it.  I never thought I would be this interested in a healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, you all can. It just takes hard work and dedication!

Heathershealthier Smart Points dieting Hacks

Posted on in Blog by Heather

Hi everyone! My name is Heather (@heathershealthier on Instagram) and with the help of Weight Watchers I've lost 80 pounds. I follow the Smart Points program which helps me focus more on healthy food choices like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low fat dairy products. 

Lauren: Weight Watchers Bagel Recipes (SP)

Posted on in Blog by Lauren

Hi all! I'm Lauren from @lauren_losingit and have successfully lost 35 pounds! I have a HUGE passion for healthy living and refuse to give up my favorite foods (ahem, CARBS) along the way! My idea of healthy and happy is ever evolving as I try to figure out this crazy thing we call life!

In this article, we have Ashely from Oklahoma City gives us some insight. She goes by @thebalancedlife_ww on Instagram, and she has some of the greatest advice as she shares her way to reach her Weight Watchers goals while using the Points Plus system. Enjoy her article!

DIY: Chicken PIta Sandwich

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

For these new series of posts we would like to introduce the Western Bagel DIY Series. This is where our amazing products meets the do it yourself creative internet food culture. We will provide you with the most cutting edge tasty treats that will keep cooking fun and your taste buds happy.

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