Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes:

The time is almost here! Many of you have been DMing us, emailing us and even calling us to ask when we are getting our Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes in! We can’t say exactly when, but we know it will be before October 1st! We are so excited to bring these delights to you so you can work them into your fall menu as these are for sale for a limited time only!

Nutrition Facts

Pumpkin Bagels that are low in Trans Fat, Carb and Sugar are nowhere to be found! Come on now, it’s 2018 what hasn’t been done? Well, Pumpkin type products were always associated with a rich and sugary taste like the fall famous Pumpkin Spice latte, but now it reaches as far as a Pumpkin Spice cough drops and peanut butter (but wouldn't it be called Pumpkin Spice butter?).

Product Info

Although you might love the taste of it and can’t wait every fall to embellish in Pumpkin when the leaves drop, now you can do it while sticking to your program you’ve done all year! Just like our other Bagelettes (Onion and Wheat), these come in a bag of 10!

Fall Vibes

Alright, so picture this: Leaves falling, kids at school, and there you are brewing the pumpkin aroma through the whole house. Also, think of all the cool pumpkin breaded meals you can come up with and not go overboard on the things you're counting. Additionally, did we mention that the flavor is derived from natural ingredients! Don’t forget to take advantage of the free shipping bundle too! Happy Fall!

So, get creative with some menu ideas or check out some of our favorites below!

Western Bagel Alternative Pumpkin Bagels




Western Bagel Low Carb Pumpkin Bagelettes


I’ve got 2 @westernbagel alternative pumpkin bagelettes with maple cinnamon pb2 and sliced apple inside.

Protein and fat on the side with an egg and avo.'

Western Bagel Pumpkin Bagelettes on a Plate with Apple sand Eggs



Western Bagel Pumpkin Fall Favorites


Western Bagel Pumpkin Bagelettes with Eggs


Western Bagel Pumpkin Bagelettes breakfast