Eater LA Western Bagel Article 

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It may not seem so to outsiders, but in-the-know Angelenos have for decades harbored a delicious secret: this is a bagel city. Though Los Angeles carries none of the bagel prowess of New York City or the stigma of Montreal, there is no shortage of bagels here on the sunnier side. And to prove the point, all one needs to do is look to Western Bagel.

If you grew up a Valley kid, you know Western Bagel. With nearly a dozen locations largely spread throughout the San Fernando Valley, a stop at Western Bagel was practically a right of passage. That's particularly true of their Van Nuys location, which has been in ceaseless operation — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — since 1958. According to lore, the only time the Sepulveda Boulevard address has ever gone offline was during the Northridge earthquake.