Eat Bagels and Lose weight with Madelyn!

My name is Madelyn and I have lost 132lbs by eating what I love, including bagels! In September 2015 I joined Weight Watchers and completely changed how I eat. Before changing my lifestyle, being from the Philly suburbs I was routinely eating cheesesteaks and cheese fries, drinking soda, going for fast food, enjoying Wawa sizzle bagel sandwiches two at a time, and hardly ever cooking for myself. I reached a high weight of 277lbs and knew something had to change, and fast.


Western Bagel Maddie's transformation

Freedom with Weight Watchers

I had tried several diets before, but I hated how limited it made my eating choices. I knew to change my lifestyle and still getting to eat what I love would require a big commitment, and that started with me getting into the kitchen and out of the take-out line. I have always been about finding new ways to enjoy foods and developing my love of cooking made that even easier. I hit the grocery store and stocked up on healthy options, and completely transformed my way of eating. I created an Instagram account (@ww_chefmaddie) to document my cooking adventures and set out to recreate my favorites which I was able to do with most foods, except bagels.

 Western Bagel Low Carb Alternative Sandwich


Making Healthier Choices

There are many things I am willing to compromise on when it comes to making healthier choices, zucchini noodles instead of regular pasta, ground turkey instead of ground beef, plain yogurt instead of sugary flavors, and more. But one thing that did not work for me was the options for bagel alternatives available at most grocery stores. Bagel thins weren’t enough, mini bagels were usually hard and hard to eat, regular bread was ok but not the same, and I couldn’t justify the points on regular bagels.

 Western Bagel Cinnamon Low Carb Snack


Enjoying Bagels again

Enter Western Bagel! I had seen so many people on an Instagram post about these bagels that were close to normal size, and a fraction of the points, but still amazingly delicious! I just had to try them. I ordered a four-count build a box for my first order and got Perfect 10 Everything, Alternative Plain, the seasonal Pumpkin and Cinnamon Spice Alternative Bagels. When they arrived the first thing I did was to recreate my favorite breakfast sandwich: bacon, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel.

Western Bagel low carb breakfast sandwich with eggs and fruits

When I bit into that sandwich, everything changed! I could enjoy bagels again!! And at the number of points for one bagel, I could even justify having two sandwiches if I was super hungry, but with 19g of protein per bagel that seldom was needed! I am so happy to have found this option that still allows me to enjoy what I love, without compromising my healthy lifestyle!