For over 70 years now, Western Bagel has been your go-to for a warm chewy breakfast and lunch, from weekend dozens or lox sandwich treats, Western Bagel has always been there for you. We wanted to take some time to reflect this Valentine's day so you could think about the first time you fell in love with your first bagel. Whether it’s been your whole life or last week, we have a serious question: Can we be your Everything?.....Bagel?


This week we have a Bagel Brad deal of any Egg Ala Bagel for just $5.25, we suggest you buy 2 and make it a date. We offer a candlelight lit breakfast, just kidding, you can create your romantic ambiance at home. If you would like to be notified of more deals and savings, please enter your email address on the bottom left box of the home page.


Things are very exciting in the spring for us, School starts, College Basketball Tournament, Baseball season but not to mention one of your favorite products--Green Bagels. Look out for them during St. Paddy’s day next Month. We also have Green Cream Cheese. Be an office champ and bring them in, your boss will give you extra kudos for bringing in Western Bagel.


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