My name is Alexis, and I'm a recovering Carb-o-holic. Seriously, I was addicted!

Three years ago my life looked far different than it does today.

I was 280lbs, I was sedentary and incredibly unhealthy. My meals were fast food or filled with potatoes, bread, chips, crackers and, of course, bagels. I'm a New Yorker, so bagels are inherently part of our culture here, and I took fullllllll advantage!


Then I decided I didn't want to live that unhealthy, slow and uncomfortable. I didn't want to sweat in 70-degree heat, wear cardigans in the summer to hide my arms, or get winded going up a flight of stairs.


I started Weight Watchers and started making changes, first to my diet. I went from carbs at every meal to no carbs at all. I replaced my potatoes with kale, my crackers with kale chips and my bagels with, well, kale.


And yes, I lost weight, but I wasn't making changes that would be sustainable long-term. Also, feeling deprived of those bagels I love was causing me to view my weight loss negatively - and who wants to live like that? A woman cannot survive on kale alone, friends! I needed to figure out how to have my bagels and lose weight, too.

I tried scooping out the middle of my bagels, tried bagel thins, and flat bagels, but nothing really satisfied my craving for an egg bagel sandwich, and the bakery versions were unpredictable in size and serving, so I was never sure I'd accounted for them accurately.

 Bagel Spread

Then I saw a friend post about Western Bagels and I thought, "Why not?" I placed an order with her discount code, and a week later I had a box of Perfect 10 bagels to share with my mom and my girlfriends.


Guys, these protein-packed bagels are so delicious! I prefer the roasted onion and everything version, and I've been making all kinds of bagel sandwiches to take on my morning commute!


I also enjoy that the bagels have 10g of protein, which keeps me satiated all morning and reduces my need for a morning snack!


Most of all, I enjoy that I've been able to lose -100+ lbs AND enjoy my bagels, too!

Wanna get your own Western bagels? Go to, create an account, pick the items you want and then use the code "TCFC15" to save 15% on your order!


PS: You must create an account before the code will be active.

PPS: Consider sharing the shipping cost with family, friends or other WW members - makes it totally worth it!

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