Perfect 10 Maxx Bagels

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We are excited to bring you two new products! The Perfect 10 Maxx in Everything and Healthy grain are the highest protein bagel on the planet. We have some recipes that should make you excited!

Thank you [2018], Bring on 2019

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2018 has been awesome! We did some great things like creating a Bagel Emoji and Launched a new product!

3 Low Carb Bagel Summer Recipes

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A few weekends ago, the Lovely @mygirlishwhims took over our Instagram and shared some amazing treats! She has been a long time Brand Ambassador and is known for whipping up some tasty meals that the Instagram community loves to recreate. While she's not eating a bagel, she's either on the cover of People or making the next DIY craft! Let's get back to the bagels! Here are her top 3 creations from her takeover!

Counting Macros and Eating Bagels

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Counting Macros is becoming super popular among bodybuilding and other fitness gurus. Most recently, it is becoming more mainstream and is being used by all types of people. Famous Instagrammers/YouTubers flaunt their success and results on their social channels daily! Don’t let this discourage you as it’s super easy to start!


Western Bagel Live in the D: Product Review!

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Live in the D with Chef Isabella.

Top Healthy Bagel toppings of 2017

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We made you all a list of the most popular toppings that you can add to yours Bagels!

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