Thank you [2018], Bring on 2019

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

2018 has been awesome! We did some great things like create a Bagel Emoji and Launced a new product!

5 Tips to Succeed when Dieting

Posted on in Blog by derek ramirez

Break free of the crash fab diets and create a lifestyle you can sustain with these 5 Tips



5 Myths about Our Bagels

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

Our Bagels Don’t Taste good LOL is this a joke!

Bagel Brad Runs the Great Race

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

Bagel Brad may not of won the race, but he put smiles on everyone's face when they saw him doing his Fortnite dances!

Live in the D: Product Review!

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

Live in the D with Chef Isabella.

Bagel Brad Visits Northridge

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

Bagel Brad takes on the Valley!

Alexis's Bagel Diet Journey [Don't Stop Eating them!]

Posted on in Blog by Alexis

My name is Alexis, and I'm a recovering Carb-o-holic. Seriously, I was addicted!

Three years ago my life looked far different than it does today.

The Ultimate Vegan Bagel w/ Carrot Lox and Chive Cream Cheese

Posted on in Blog by Jasmine

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine Briones, one of the creators of the Sweet Simple Vegan blog. Today I’m going to share with you the absolute PERFECT vegan bagel and I promise you are going to LOVE it! 

Bagel Brad Races his Way Through Agoura [Video]

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

Everyone's favorite bagel cowboy pioneered his ways through Agoura Hills a few weekends ago, have a look at his adventure!

Bagel Brad at the Sherman Oaks Street Fair [Photo Story]

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

Last fall, we were invited to the Sherman Oaks Street fair, where your good buddy Bagel Brad made his debut appearance! If you want to meet him in Person he will be running the Great Race of Agoura HillsThe race is on Saturday April 1st, Bagel Brad might even be running!  

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