Thank you [2018], Bring on 2019

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

2018 has been awesome! We did some great things like creating a Bagel Emoji and Launched a new product!

Pumpkin Bagelettes Ideas

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

One of our favorite times of the year is right now! The time we can give you our best Pumpkin Bagelettes for you to enjoy. It’s a scary awesome thing when we can make something that tastes this good, but it doesn’t exhaust all your daily nutrition numbers. We want to bring your something else, let us know if you have any ideas of any new flavors.


Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes Info!

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

The time is almost here! Many of you have been DMing us, emailing us and even calling us to ask when we are getting our Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes in! We can’t say exactly when, but we know it will be before October 1st! We are so excited to bring these delights to you so you can work them into your fall menu as these are for sale for a limited time only!


Western Bagel Live in the D: Product Review!

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

Live in the D with Chef Isabella.

Heathershealthier Smart Points dieting Hacks

Posted on in Blog by Heather

Hi everyone! My name is Heather (@heathershealthier on Instagram) and with the help of Weight Watchers I've lost 80 pounds. I follow the Smart Points program which helps me focus more on healthy food choices like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low fat dairy products. 

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