How to cut a Bagel

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

In recent events, the world has been left with the question on how to cut a bagel.

Maddie's Weight Watcher Success Story!

Posted on in Blog by Maddie

My name is Madelyn and I have lost 132lbs by eating what I love, including bagels! In September 2015 I joined Weight Watchers and completely changed how I eat. 

Counting Macros and Eating Bagels

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

Counting Macros is becoming super popular among bodybuilding and other fitness gurus. Most recently, it is becoming more mainstream and is being used by all types of people. Famous Instagrammers/YouTubers flaunt their success and results on their social channels daily! Don’t let this discourage you as it’s super easy to start!


Emily's Bagel Macros Story!

Posted on in Blog by Emily

My name is Emily and I’m an NPC bikini competitor who loves living a healthy lifestyle, but I haven’t always been concerned with my health and nutrition.


Blue Bagels! Go Dodgers

Posted on in Blog by Store Owner

What's the new color of October? Blue!

Alexis's Bagel Diet Journey [Don't Stop Eating them!]

Posted on in Blog by Alexis

My name is Alexis, and I'm a recovering Carb-o-holic. Seriously, I was addicted!

Three years ago my life looked far different than it does today.

Top Healthy Bagel toppings of 2017

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

We made you all a list of the most popular toppings that you can add to yours Bagels!

Happy St. Patrick's Day [Green Bagels]

Posted on in Blog by Bagel Brad

At Western Bagel, we like to think of ourselves as festive! With one of the most unique holidays coming up, St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to remind everyone how fun being a Bagel company can be!

4 Bagel Recipe Ideas with Christina

Posted on in Blog by Christina

Hey everyone! I’m Christina, @christina_ww_thing1 over on Instagram. My friends at Western Bagel asked me to share 5 of my favorite bagel recipes with you! If there is anything I have learned after losing over 120lbs with Weight Watchers,

Michele: my success tips for Smart Points

Posted on in Blog by Michele

Hi everyone! My name is Michele (@mp.healthyrecovery from Instagram) and I have lost 60 pounds with the help of weight watchers and exercise. I am in recovery from an eating disorder which makes this a very hard journey but so worth it.  I never thought I would be this interested in a healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, you all can. It just takes hard work and dedication!

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