Pumpkin Bagelettes Ideas

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One of our favorite times of the year is right now! The time we can give you our best Pumpkin Bagelettes for you to enjoy. It’s a scary awesome thing when we can make something that tastes this good, but it doesn’t exhaust all your daily nutrition numbers. We want to bring your something else, let us know if you have any ideas of any new flavors.


Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes Info!

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The time is almost here! Many of you have been DMing us, emailing us and even calling us to ask when we are getting our Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes in! We can’t say exactly when, but we know it will be before October 1st! We are so excited to bring these delights to you so you can work them into your fall menu as these are for sale for a limited time only!


3 Low Carb Bagel Summer Recipes

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A few weekends ago, the Lovely @mygirlishwhims took over our Instagram and shared some amazing treats! She has been a long time Brand Ambassador and is known for whipping up some tasty meals that the Instagram community loves to recreate. While she's not eating a bagel, she's either on the cover of People or making the next DIY craft! Let's get back to the bagels! Here are her top 3 creations from her takeover!

Maddie's Weight Watcher Success Story!

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My name is Madelyn and I have lost 132lbs by eating what I love, including bagels! In September 2015 I joined Weight Watchers and completely changed how I eat. 

Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes + Top 4 pumpkin Meal ideas!

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Pumpkin Bagels that are low in Trans Fat, Carb and Sugar are almost nonexistent! Come on now, it’s 2017 what hasn’t been done?

4 Bagel Recipe Ideas with Christina

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Hey everyone! I’m Christina, @christina_ww_thing1 over on Instagram. My friends at Western Bagel asked me to share 5 of my favorite bagel recipes with you! If there is anything I have learned after losing over 120lbs with Weight Watchers,

Michele: my success tips for Smart Points

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Hi everyone! My name is Michele (@mp.healthyrecovery from Instagram) and I have lost 60 pounds with the help of weight watchers and exercise. I am in recovery from an eating disorder which makes this a very hard journey but so worth it.  I never thought I would be this interested in a healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, you all can. It just takes hard work and dedication!

Heathershealthier Smart Points dieting Hacks

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Hi everyone! My name is Heather (@heathershealthier on Instagram) and with the help of Weight Watchers I've lost 80 pounds. I follow the Smart Points program which helps me focus more on healthy food choices like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low fat dairy products. 

Lauren: Weight Watchers Bagel Recipes (SP)

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Hi all! I'm Lauren from @lauren_losingit and have successfully lost 35 pounds! I have a HUGE passion for healthy living and refuse to give up my favorite foods (ahem, CARBS) along the way! My idea of healthy and happy is ever evolving as I try to figure out this crazy thing we call life!

In this article, we have Ashely from Oklahoma City gives us some insight. She goes by @thebalancedlife_ww on Instagram, and she has some of the greatest advice as she shares her way to reach her Weight Watchers goals while using the Points Plus system. Enjoy her article!

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