Bring on 2019!

2018 has been very exciting for us here at Western Bagel. We helped co-found the bagel emoji, added a new product and had our most successful year yet! Our Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes had their 2nd birthday and so many people showed up for the party! We can’t thank you enough for being here with us. If you are reading this, then you probably are a big fan of us! We want to thank you again! We have a few announcements and maybe even clear up some questions you may have!


Perfect 10 +:

Western Bagel Perfect 10 + Everything Bagel

We have now launched our new Perfect 10 + line.

  • Both are 140 Calories
  • Everything has 20g of carbs, Healthy Grain with 19g
  • Both have 1g of Sugar
  • We added Pea Protein and did away with Soy Protein to eliminate an allergen!
  • We are now soy free
  • Pea Protein is rich with plant-based iron and vegan-friendly.
  • Our new Perfect 10 + line is legume-based
  • More of a bagel texture than before

Why did we change? There are a number of factors that drove us to change the product. First was a notice from a supplier that they would be discontinuing a base we used for the P-10.

We were the only ones ordering this blend and they decided our volume wasn’t enough to make it sustainable.

We were using soy protein flour as one of the ingredients for the original P-10. Soy is an allergen and any product made with it has to be segregated in storage, production and could only be run at the end of the shift.

We have been getting emails from customers asking why we use soy protein since we started the product. The Perfect 10 + uses pea protein instead of soy, eliminating an allergen and letting us schedule the production at any time.  

We did a blind sampling with our retail customers and some selected internet customers for input. Overall we had an 85% approval on the new formulation over the old formula.

No one likes change, but we had to make the change. It is hard to please everyone, but we feel that we went with something that was acceptable to most people.

Bagel Emoji:

 Western Bagel Co-founded the Bagel Emoji

About two years ago the Western Bagel team wanted to give the world the ability to communicate using the world’s next best emoji, the bagel emoji! If you haven’t used it,  make sure to locate in the food section of your emoji keyboard. 

Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes:

 Western Bagel Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes 2018

This was our 2nd year hosting the Pumpkin Bagelette party, and we had some amazing guests! Be on the lookout next fall for another go of Pumpkin Bagelettes. The twist this year is that we are hoping to add more seasonal flavors! Do you have any you want to try out this upcoming year? Let us know!