Before we get started with what I eat in a day, let’s talk about tracking your food. There are many ways to track the food you eat. You can: set your goal to be under/over a certain number of calories, meet a set number of macronutrients, and there is the all popular point system.

I personally track my macros and calorie intake. This is may or may not be the best method, but it works for me. Better yet it is cheap and convenient. The app I use to track my food is My Fitness Pal.

I have the app installed on my phone, so it is easily accessible. It is also possible to use their website. Here is an easy setup guide:

  1. Set up an account at or on their app
  2. Add your personal information as well as your weight loss goal
  3. My Fitness Pal will give you a set calorie goal with macros to meet (I personally adjust my macros to 40% carbs, 30% fat, 30% protein)
  4. Start tracking your food


Now you can follow along.

Here is what a FULL DAY OF EATING looks like for me:



I try to keep my breakfast light with a bit protein, carbs, and fat. This way my body can have some energy to get the day going. Don't forget your Blueberry Alternative Bagel!


 For lunch I am usually at work and will stick with a protein smoothie. I either bring in a pre made smoothie or bring the ingredients in a zip loc bag and make it at work. 


 Dinner is my main meal! I get most of my protein needs from my dinner. Another prefrence of mine is to not eat super late unless I plan on doing some sort of physical activity before I go to sleep.


 For the most part, I like to have either a fiber bar or protein bar on me for when I need something to snack on. If not, no worries I will just track as I go and try to keep my intake of "bad" snacks to a minimum.


As you can see, My Fitness Pal gives a lot of useful information.  On this particular day, I did not meet my goal calories. To avoid this, some people do what is called pre-tracking, pre-tracking is an easy way to avoid going over your macros.

Basically, you track the food you are planning to eat for the next day and you are set. I generally track as I go, but on days where I might go out to dinner, I might pre-track food to leave a given number of calories for not so healthy food choices.

Also, this was a day where I just stayed in the office and did not do a whole lot of moving around.  On days where I go to the gym or go for walk/jog/run I will usually add another meal and might go over my calories. Here is what my pre/post gym meal will usually look like:

This meal is usually packed with protein!

Things to note:

All my meals were quite simple to make and not time consuming whatsoever. This for me is key, especially on days where I really want to cave in.

On days where I have more time, such as non-work days, my meals vary.  This is where tracking macros on my phone becomes super helpful. As long as I track my macros, I stay around the same calorie intake and meet my macro needs.


This is what works for me and what works for you might be a bit different based on your macronutrient needs.