6 Western Bagel Sandwiches that will Change your Life

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Although the usual Bagel and Cream Cheese is a staple when it comes to bagel culture, there is just more to bagels than what meets the toaster. Since 1947, we have been supplying the inhabitants of Los Angeles with the best bagels!

Blogging disclaimer

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On occasion, Western Bagel will invite guest bloggers to write an article on our site Westernbagel.com. We invite those who are advocates of our products and have done a stellar job promoting our products. Although we have invited them to write on our site that doesn’t mean that we support the same ideas, opinions or views that they have.

5 ways to keep your Bagels fresh [List]

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If you take care of your bagels then the better they will taste and the longer they will last. Since our bagels are hearth baked and kettle boiled the traditional way, you want them to stay in shape! This article is perfect for those that take a baker’s dozen home from our shops, but also our online customers all over the country.


St. Patrick Day Bagels

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For a few days each year during the week that St. Patrick’s day falls on, our retail stores will be selling our famous green bagels and cream cheese! That’s right Western Bagel fans, you can now have a bagel and celebrate the holiday.

Eat Bagels and Lose Weight

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Our bite size Alternative 2.0 ® Bagelettes which come in Wheat (top seller) and Roasted Onion have 14g of carbs! Amazing right?


Bagel Brad

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This is a great newsletter to be a part of for any kind of Western Bagel lover, and you can save so much money each week! The best part is that it’s free by way of signing up by going to the home page.

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