Online Ordering:

Q. Is there a minimum to order bagels online?

A. Yes, the order minimum is $10.00 plus shipping.

Q. How much is shipping costs?

A. Our website has a shipping estimate calculator in the shopping cart page.

Q. Do I have to create an account to place an order?

A. No. But creating one will allow for quicker access for future orders and access to special deals.

Q. Can I get free shipping by purchasing a certain amount of product?

A. Currently, we do not have this option available. 

Q. Do you ship to Canada?

A. Currently, we do not have this option available.

Q. Can I ship to a PO Box?

A. Currently, we do not have this option available. 


Q: How can I view the Nutrion Facts of each item?

A: Please click on the picture of the product you would like to learn more about and click over twice to the thrid picture and you will find the information you seek.

Q. How can I take care of my bagels? (defrost, store, freeze and etc.)

A. It's always best to freeze them upon arrival, for more info please read our article here.

Q. My order had the wrong kind of bagels or I wasn't sent the correct amount of bagels what will happen?

A. Anything under 5 packages will be awarded to the customer as a CREDIT, anything above will be reshipped the following Monday.

Q. When will my order be shipped?

A. All orders are shipped on Mondays only unless it’s an observed UPS holiday. In which case, we will post the holiday schedule and/or send an email to our Online Discount newsletter subscribers.

Q. How long will it take my order to arrive with UPS Ground?

A. Normally it can take 1-5 business days from the Monday shipped, varies by location. For more details visit UPS  type in your shipping zip code, select “shipped to this zip code”, then hit submit. A map will display the transit days from California to your location. 


Here is a map of how long Ground service will take to ship.

UPS Shipping Map

Grocery & Retail Bagels

Q. Are the Original Recipe bagels sold online the same as the bagels sold in your Western Bagel shops in California?

A. No. The Original Recipe bagels sold online are made with our extra soft formula, the same as those sold in grocery stores. Our Retail Recipe Bagels are prepared differently and have a different price. (Contact us for details 800-555-0882)

Q. I used to live in CA and now live far away where there are no Western Bagel shops. Can I have your Retail Bagels shipped to me?

A. YES! Just give us a call and we can ship you all your favorites via UPS. There's a 2 dozen minimum + shipping cost and shipping restrictions apply. (800)555-0882 M-F 8am to 2pm PST. (Excludes Specialty & Salt bagels)

Q. Where can I buy your original recipe bagels near me?

A. Please check our list of vendors on the home page under Grocery – Store List. (Note: Not all listed vendors sell all varieties. Call the nearest store for inventory check.)

Q. Where Can I buy your Alternative 2.0 Bagels and your Perfect 10 Bagels?

A. Currently, the best place is our online store or our Western Bagel retail shops in Los Angeles, CA. (See our store locator for a map of our locations)

Western Bagel Retail Shops & More

Q. How many retail shops does Western Bagel have? Where?

A. Western Bagel owns 11 retail shops in Southern California throughout the greater Los Angeles county. (See our store locator for a map of our locations)

Q. Does Western Bagel have catering services?

A. We currently do not have catering delivery. We do, however, offer an appealing assortment of platters for any type of event! Check out what’s available in our shops under Store Menu (home page).

Q. Does Western Bagel Deliver Bagels to Wholesale accounts?

A. Yes, we can deliver bagels to your business if you’re within our local delivery range and meet the requirements. Please contact us for details: Route Sales 800-555-0882 M-F

Q. Is Western Bagel a franchise?

A. No. Western Bagel has been Family owned and operated since it was established in 1947.

Q. How do I apply for a job at one of your locations?

A. Each store handles their own hiring. It is recommended visiting the store of interest for an application and further details, see store manager.

Q. Does Western Bagel participate in donations for non-profits, fundraisers, etc.?

A. Yes, Western Bagel will occasionally participate by donating product to approved events. There is a mandatory 30 days notice for all request. Each store follows a request process, please inquiry with store managers for details. (See our store locator for store contact information)

Q. Can I set up a wholesale or organizational account with Western Bagel?

A. Yes, each location has the requirements and pricing available for those interested, please inquiry with a store manager for details. (See our store locator for store contact information)

Newsletter (Bagel Brad):

 Q: How to subscribe if you've been unsubscribed?

 A: Go to this link and then select the newsletters you would like to be a part of.